Sad Danków

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Sad Danków - Organic Apricot Preserve 270g
Sweet Apricots fried in the traditional way. Lower in Sugar - 270g. Established in 1911 by Romual..
Ex Tax: $8.50
Sad Danków - Organic Gooseberry Jam 290g
Deliciously sweet and fragrant Organic Gooseberry Jam - 290g. Established in 1911 by Romuald Wend..
Ex Tax: $7.50
Sad Danków – Blackcurrant Jam Organic 270g
A rich and sweet jam made from organic blackcurrants. 270g Established in 1911 by Romuald Wenda..
Ex Tax: $8.50
Sad Danków – Polish Prune Powidło Organic 310g
A sticky and rich fruit preserve made from dried plums, suitable on toast or in baking. 310g Es..
Ex Tax: $9.95