About Us


"Showcasing the best of my homeland, staying true to raw ingredients and above all, tradition."  - Kasia Wieczorkowski

Wieczorkowski is a family-owned establishment & purveyor of premium quality food and ingredients that are sourced mainly from Poland, Europe, the USA and notable local producers & providores.

Both sides of the Wieczorkowski family have a rich history in fine food and quality produce. On my mother’s side, my great grandfather was an entrepreneur and owner of several successful food and retail outlets in Kraków during the war era and beyond.

After World War II, my father’s parents travelled to Australia with nothing but a suitcase and some pretty big dreams. They went on to establish a successful farm in Virginia in South Australia, supplying quality produce to stores & delis across Australia.

The Wieczorkowski family tree is complex and extends over multiple borders and oceans. My great grandfather, Polish at heart, was born in Boston USA. Our family goulash recipe was perfected by my other great grandmother, who was Hungarian. We also have family connections in Canada, Argentina and France, and this is reflected in our product range.    

My Polish background and the traditions and values passed on to me are reflected in the Wieczorkowski business today. Our shop is our story. It showcases our heritage, our journey and our success in bringing you the best products and ingredients we can find. Our cakes, baked goods and pastry items are made from family recipes passed down through the generations, brought to you fresh in-store for your family to enjoy. 

Kasia Wieczorkowski - Manager