Honey, Jams & Fruit Preserves

Poland’s cuisine is a reflection of her climate. Traditionally, summer fruits were picked straight from the forest and made into jams or preserves to be eaten during the long cold winter months when little was in season. Honey and jam are important ingredients in Polish cooking, used in cakes, treats and even savoury dishes. We stock a plentiful and gorgeous array of delicious products for your morning toast or next baking session!

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Sad Danków – Blackcurrant Jam Organic 270g
A rich and sweet jam made from organic blackcurrants. 270g Established in 1911 by Romuald Wenda..
Ex Tax: $8.50
Sad Danków – Polish Prune Powidło Organic 310g
A sticky and rich fruit preserve made from dried plums, suitable on toast or in baking. 310g Es..
Ex Tax: $9.95