Hamper - Polish Kitchen Essentials

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All the classic essential ingredients found in every Polish pantry.

This hamper includes the following items:
• Beetroot Soup Concentrate 330ml – Krzetle
• Fried Beetroot 460ml – Krzetle
• Naturally Pickled Cucumbers in Brine 800g – Krakowski Kredens
• Dried King Boletes Mushrooms 50g – Stefan Skwierawski
• Traditional Plum Jam Powidło 320g – Krakowski Kredens
• Marinated Chanterelle Mushrooms 250g – Krakowski Kredens
• Whole Cranberries in Juice 360g – Stefan Skwierawski
• Organic Poppy Seed Oil 100ml – Bio Planete
• Vegetarian Smalec/ Schweineschmalz (with onion) 165g – Zwergenwiese
• Homemade Ribbon Pasta 250g - Krakowski Kredens
• Presented in a lovely woven basket and signature gold Wieczorkowski ribbon

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