Wawel Chocolates - Krakowian Chocolate Coated Fruit Jelly Mix 280g

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Brand:  Wawel Chocolates
Product Code:  Krakowian Chocolate Coated Fruit Jelly Mix 280g
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The Krakow Mix is one of the best known and loved Wawel products. The rich fruity flavours and delicate dessert chocolate coating create a gentle and fresh composition. Among the four noble flavours: natural lemon, ripe orange, sweet raspberry and exotic pineapple. Everyone will surely find their favourite.

Wawel’s traditions go back to the end of the XIX century when the novice chocolatier Adam Piasecki decided to start a confectionery workshop in Kraków. The brand combines exceptional Polish and Swiss recipes which have been refined and perfected over many decades to bring you some of Europe’s best chocolate.

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